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Riviera is located on the shores of the Istra Reservoir, the largest body of water within commuting distance from Moscow, and a place of unique beauty and tranquility. The Istra Reservoir provides drinking water for Moscow, and is subject to the strictest regime of ecological control. The Reservoir is surrounded by a forest belt and development is strictly limited. The crystal-clear waters of the Reservoir are ideal for all kinds of recreation - swimming, sailing, windsurfing, boating, fishing, waterskiing. From Riviera to the Istra Dam are 27 kilometers of open, deep water, a wide enough expanse for even larger sailboats.

The recreational opportunities on the Istra Reservoir are not limited to summer. The reservoir is no less popular in the winter, when it is possible to take a snowmobile tour for hours in any direction, go cross-country skiing, ice skate, or ice fish.


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